The Diaries of Robin’s Toys tells the stories of second hand toys which Grandad buys for his  Grandson, Robin, at a car boot sale. Grandad has a magical power to make  the toys tell their own stories, and they soon discover that the older  the toy, the more interesting the story is.

These stories have  been wonderfully illustrated and depicted in a fun-loving format – each  of which perfectly encourage young readers to discover new things and  educate them on important life matters.

Thought-provoking and a fun read, these books are a must for all children.


Roger the Reindeer

Robin  didn’t realise how helpful Roger the Reindeer would be when he bought  him at the car boot sale. But with a little from Grandad’s magic spell,  Robin soon learns about how being able to read and write is extremely  important and how much it helps you in daily life.
This story will  teach young readers the effects of not being able to read and write  properly. Even though some people may find it hard, with a little  determination and help, you can get anywhere you want to.

Geraldo the Giraffe

Robin  doesn’t know what to do when he sees one of his friends unhappy after  being bullied about her weight. But when he gets Geraldo the Giraffe  from the car boot sale, he knows exactly what to do.
This story  engages young readers and informs them on the importance of healthy  eating and exercise, and why too much of the wrong food can cause a lot  of problems. Join Robin as he learns the ways in which you can lead a  healthier lifestyle without having to give up a tasty meal!

Leon the Lion

When  Robin sees JP struggling at school, he wants to help him meet new  people. So when he finds Leon the Lion at the car boot sales, he has  just the story to tell him – being a roaring lion was never of interest  to Leon, all he wanted to do was meet new people and write poetry.
This  story educates young readers on how you must always believe in yourself  and your abilities. If you know you’re different, then you mustn’t try  and become something you are not – always do what you know you are best  at!

Gavin the Gorilla and Snuffles

When  Robin sees Gavin and Snuffles at the car boot sale, he thinks they are  the most unlikely pair he has ever seen. But he soon learns how they  came to be such good friends and how they had been singled out because  of the way they look.
This story teaches young readers the  importance of not being judgmental. Even though someone may be  stereotyped in a certain way, each and every one of us is an individual  with our own personality.

Taffy the Rabbit

Robin  is upset that his summer camp trip has been cancelled. But when he gets  Taffy the Rabbit at the car boot sale, he soon learns about Taffy’s  love of rugby, and how he and his friends managed to make his dream come  true and finally see Wales play England.
In this, story, children  will learn the importance of team work and how if you put your mind to  it, you can always achieve what you want in life.

Clarence the Camel

The  last thing Robin thought he would find at the car boot sale was an old  toy camel. But Grandad says that Clarence the Camel has a very  interesting story to share. Robin discovers that Clarence is very  similar to himself and that winning the race is not always necessary.
In  this, story, join Robin as he learns about how arrogance can lead to  humiliation and that being considerate of the feelings of others is more  important. It also teaches that even though you may not be good at one  thing; your abilities shine all that more in other things.

Donkey Hoo-Tee

Robin’s  new friend, Francesca, is having trouble fitting in at school, but when  Robins gets his new toy, Donkey Hoo-Tee, his story tells him just what  he needs to do to make Francesca feel more at ease.
This  heart-warming story informs readers of how mutual trust can be very  beneficial in earning rewards. It also demonstrates that hard work will  always pay off; if you work together, then you will always come up with a  solution to your problems.

Carlos the Cod

Robin gets Carlos the Cod on a rainy day from Pauls’ Stall. He never knew that fish had their own people aquarium as well. He also didn’t realise that fish had to deal with peer pressure as well.
This  story teaches young readers the importance of listening to your  parent’s advice, and being wary of the dangers of peer pressure.

Carla the Cow

On  his weekly trip to the car boot sale with Grandad, Robin finds a very  unhappy toy cow. But Grandad says that she has a very interesting story  to tell. Robin soon finds out how lonely Carla the Cow had been in life  and how all she really needed was some friends.
Join Robins as he  learns about how being considerate of other people and being positive  can lead to a positive lifestyle. Readers will learn about the drawbacks  of pushing people away and how a little effort goes a long way!

Bertie the Bee

Robin  goes along to the car boot sale with Grandad in a hope he’ll find  something cool; something that could fly, like an aeroplane, or a  helicopter!
But what he comes back with is a bee. With Grandad’s  special powers, Robin gets to hear the story of Bertie the Bee and all  about how honey is made as well.
This engaging story makes young  readers aware of how important team work is when working to achieve  collective goals. It also teaches children not to take advantage of the  smaller things in life.

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