Popular War and Conflicts in Bernard Cornwell Starbuck Chronicles Series

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Battle Flag


The Bloody Ground

The Pale Horseman

A Crowning Mercy

Gallows Thief

Sword Song



Copperhead was the name given to Northern sympathisers of the Confederacy, after a venomous species of North American snake. It is a name that sticks to Nathaniel Starbuck, a preacher’s son who has run away from family, college and a foolish love affair, taking shelter in the Falconer legion.

Battle Flag

Third volume in the Starbuck Chronicles. The battle for control of Richmond, the Confederate capital, continues through the hot summer of 1862. Captain Nate Starbuck, yankee fighting for the Southern cause, has to survive and win with his ragged Company in the bitter struggle not only against the formidable Northern army but equally in opposition to his own superiors who would like nothing better than to see Nate Starbuck dead and dishonoured. Starbuck’s courage is tested to the limit in his desperate manoeuvres to retrieve his own and the Legion’s honour in this the thrid narrative of Bernard Cornwell’s sweeping epic of the American Civil War.

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