Discover Whole New Adventure Dinosaur Cove Collection 10 Books

When Jamie and Tom discover the secret of Dinosaur Cove, a whole world of adventure awaits them. There are dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes in this secret place including an enormous T. rex who’s got his eye on the boys…Doing for boys what Rainbow Magic Fairies do for girls, this long running Dinosaur Cove Collection 10 Books series of adventure books has been designed to provide plenty of entertaining reading practice for newly independent readers. The fast-paced stories and short chapters are joined by stickers for an extra dose of fun!

Titles in This Set

1. Attack of the Lizard King

2. Charge of the Three-Horned Monster

3. March of the Armoured Beasts

4. Flight of the Winged Serpent

5. Catching the Speedy Thief

6. Stampede of the Giant Reptiles

7. Rescuing the Plated Lizard

8. Swimming with the Sea Monster

9. Tracking the Gigantic Beast

10. Escape from the Fierce Predator


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