Latest Horrible Histories Books Collection plus two free books

Horrible Histories Books Collection of illustrated history books. These 12 Horrible Histories and Geography books set are planned to get children attracted in history by focused on the strange, violent, or unpleasant. The pictures in book are sensational and fairly thorough information on the subjects it covers. These books are most definitely for kids, unless you have an unusually sensitive child.

Titles in This Set

1. The Measly Middle Ages (Horrible Histories)

  2. The Terrifying Tudors (Horrible Histories)

3. The Slimy Stuarts (Horrible Histories)

4. The Gorgeous Georgians (Horrible Histories)

5. The Vile Victorians (Horrible Histories)

6. The Groovy Greeks (Horrible Histories)

7. Awful Egyptians (Horrible Histories)

8. The Frightful First World War (Horrible Histories)

9. The Woeful Second World War (Horrible Histories)

10. Ruthless Romans (Horrible Histories)

And 2 Free Horrible geography Titles: Raging rivers and desperate deserts


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