Horrible Science of 20 Books Latest Collection

Welcome to the world of Horrible Science 20 brilliant books. The author Nick Arnolds Bulging Brains to Deadly Diseases and Ugly Bugs, the Horrible Science books will educate young book-lovers all about science, with the soft and squelchy pieces left in.

Horrible Science 20 Books Box Set:

  • Sounds Dreadful
  • Space,Stars and Slimy Aliens
  • Terrible Truth About Time
  • Vicious Veg
  • Painful Poison
  • Microscopic Monsters
  • Killer Energy
  • Frightening Light
  • Fight for Flight
  • Angry Animals
  • Evolve or Die
  • Disgusting Digestion
  • Deadly Diseases
  • Chemical Chaos
  • Bulging Brains
  • Blood, Bones and Body Bits
  • Fatal Forces
  • Shocking Electricity
  • Nasty Nature
  • Ugly Bugs

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