Adventurous Dinosaur Cove Books 10 books Set is fantastic kids collection

When Jamie and Tom discover the secret of Dinosaur Cove Books, a whole world of adventure awaits them. There are dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes in this secret place including an enormous T.rex who’s got his eye on the boys. Doing for boys what Rainbow Magic Fairies do for girls, this long running series of adventure books has been designed to provide plenty of entertaining reading practice for newly independent readers. Dinosaur Cove 10 Books is a collection of fantastic books.


11. Finding the Deceptive Dinosaur

12. Assault of the Friendly Fiends

13. Chasing the Tunneling Trickster

14. Clash of the Monster Crocs

15. Rampage of the Hungry Giants

16. Haunting of the Ghost Runners

17. Swarm of the Fanged Lizards

18. Snatched By the Dawn Thief

19. Stalking the Fanned Predator

20. Shadowing the Wolf-Face Reptiles


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